Link 3 Jul 1 note Meet the “Journalists Against Journalism” club! -»

The clique of media figures outraged when news outlets challenge power has a new member: Washington Post higher-ups

Link 3 Jul 1 note America’s imperial decline: Must Dick Cheney always be president? -»

Barack Obama talks like a constitutional lawyer, but acts like Dick Cheney. Snowden shows it’s the same old America

Link 3 Jul 1 note Thanks for nothing, college! -»

And yet, if this higher interest rate convinces even a few 18-year-olds not to take on huge debt for that Musical Theater degree, maybe it’s not so bad. As college tuition costs rise and students’ debt levels follow, a chorus of voices has come to defend the noble bachelor’s degree against those willing to question the laughable notion that college is a good investment, period – regardless of out-of-control tuition costs, stagnating wages or ominous federal jobs reports.

Link 3 Jul 1 note Obama to Egypt: All sides should step back | McClatchy»

He can’t say the same about Syria?

Link 3 Jul 1 note Guantánamo prison to synchronize force-feedings to Ramadan fast - Guantánamo -»
Link 3 Jul 1 note Pentagon civilian workers in Germany get raises while those in U.S. get cuts | McClatchy»

While hardworking U.S. DoD civilians are being furloughed and have not seen a pay increase in several years, I believe the department should be willing to stand up to this pressure from German workers,” Hagan wrote.

The Defense Department-authorized newspaper Stars and Stripes reported last month that the agreement was reached in mid-June and was to become final Tuesday. Stars and Stripes said that about 18,000 German civilians worked for U.S. Army and Air Force bases across Germany.

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Link 3 Jul 1 note Ohio Cops Use Fake Drug Checkpoint to Dodge Fourth Amendment - Hit & Run :»

According to A.P., the police “say that four people were stopped, with some arrests and drugs seized,” but “they declined to be more specific.” Three drivers called attention to themselves by making U-turns. The fourth, Medina resident Bill Peters, was pulled over because he stopped on the side of the road a couple of times to check his phone for directions and to reconnect the power adapter after it came loose. For his caution he was rewarded with a search that turned up nothing illegal. Dominic Vitantonio, a local prosecutor, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer the cops would have had to skip the search if Peters had not consented to it. But since the cops had a drug-detecting dog, they could have manufactured probable cause readily enough.

Link 3 Jul U.S.-Backed Chadian Dictator Hissène Habré Faces War Crimes Trial in Historic Win for His Victims | Democracy Now!»
Link 2 Jul Gene mutations caused by a father's lifestyle can be inherited by multiple generations»
Link 2 Jul CWRU researchers trace inner-city women’s health issues to childhood traumas | think:blog»

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